This Photo-Editing Software Uses AI to Bring Out the Best in Every Shot

This Photo-Editing Software Uses AI to Bring Out the Best in Every Shot

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The rise of the smartphone has seemed to give everyone the confidence of a professional photographer. Lens quality that was once only found in thousand-dollar cameras has now been eclipsed by your three-hundred-dollar smartphone—making it easy for a novice photographer to capture exquisite shots with minimal effort.

This level playing field, however, has its downsides. Now, in order to stand out from the crowd when it comes to taking and developing truly stunning photos, you need editing software that goes above and beyond the standard Instagram filter. Photolemur Spectre—the world’s first automated photo enhancement solution for Mac that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence—represents the next generation of photo editing and enhancement, and a family license is on sale for over 60% off at just $19.

Anyone who’s used traditional photo editing software such as iPhoto knows how great it can be for basic, batch edits, but how limited it can be when it comes to bringing out the unique depth and nature of each shot. Photolemur Spectre sets itself apart from these traditional editors by employing state-of-the-art AI technology, along with facial recognition algorithms, to perfectly fine-tune each edit.

Every possible element of your photos will be analyzed and adjusted automatically—thanks to twelve smart technologies that recover lost color, enhance sky tones, compensate for poor exposures, de-haze the background, and much more.

Photolemur Spectre is also incredibly easy to use. You’ll be able to perform batch enhancements of entire photo libraries (without having to worry about losing photos or edits in the process), edit single photos with drag-and-drop simplicity, and integrate seamlessly with popular social media platforms for quick sharing.

Find out why professional and novice photographers alike are championing Photolemur Spectre as the most powerful and intuitive photo-editing app around—a family license is on sale for $19.

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