You Can Get Your Own .tech Domain For Ten Years

You Can Get Your Own .tech Domain For Ten Years

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One of the most challenging parts of starting a business is finding a suitable domain name. Hundreds of millions of domains have been registered since the Internet’s inception, forcing companies to either settle for a handle that doesn’t truly reflect their product or vision, or shell out thousands of dollars to purchase a more relevant, standard domain.

This issue has become especially prodigious in the world of tech, where new products and services are being produced at breakneck speed. If you’re looking to build your brand and have been frustrated with a lack of common-extension domain availability—such as those ending in .com or .net—you should ditch the boring conventions and register a .tech domain instead. For a limited time, Radix is offering 10-year subscriptions to these innovative domain extensions for just $39.99.

In addition to being wildly oversaturated and difficult to obtain, standard domain extensions such as .com and .net are just plain dull. The .tech extension allows you to register a domain far more suited to your actual product or service, all while offering a more apt, stylish, and memorable visual for your clients and customers.

You’ll be able to take far greater control over your brand and marketing strategy, appeal more directly to consumers who are interested in technology and remain at the forefront of a revolution that’s already commanded the attention of industry leaders like Microsoft, which uses the domain.

Join the online tech revolution while giving your business a far more memorable domain with a .tech extension. A 10-year subscription is on sale for over 80% off at just $34.99.

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