Meet the World's First Personal Augmented Reality Planetarium

Meet the World's First Personal Augmented Reality Planetarium

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The universe is an infinitely fascinating place. It’s also infinitely complicated, and even the most ardent stargazers need some help once and a while when it comes to viewing and identifying the countless interstellar bodies and constellations that exist above us.

Universe2Go—the world’s first smartphone-based augmented reality viewer—is here to help, by allowing you to view the heavens with unprecedented clarity and insight for just $46.99.

Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, Universe2Go is your go-to gadget for visualizing and understanding the universe. You’ll enjoy a stunning close-up view of the night sky while getting detailed information about what you’re looking at—whether it’s a constellation, planet, or nebula.

Having trouble remembering where the Big Dipper is? Always coming up short when you try to find Orion’s Belt? You’re not alone. That’s why Universe2Go helps you identify all 88 constellations in the sky with ease. There’s in-depth digital information that merges seamlessly with whatever you happen to be looking at in the night sky, and you’ll have access to over three hours of audible explanations as well—if you’d understandably rather focus on the amazing view as opposed to text.

Universe2Go even comes with a carrying strap and storage pouch (so you can take it safely with you on stargazing expeditions across the globe), and provides a detailed history of the Greek myths famously associated with each constellation.

Rediscover the magic of the universe with Universe2Go—on sale for over 30% off at just $46.99.

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