Zodiac Cypher-Breaking Computer Can Write 'Killer' Poetry About You

Zodiac Cypher-Breaking Computer Can Write 'Killer' Poetry About You

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The Keven Knight programmed supercomputer, CARMEL, will be taking a crack at the notorious Zodiac Killer cipher. Having previously cracked the Copiale Cipher, CARMEL has developed the ability to “think” like the mysterious serial killer. However, the investigative supercomputer seems to also have a talent for delving out creepy poetry.

The Zodiac

To this day, the Zodiac Killer remains to be one of history’s most notorious serial killers, terrorizing the United States around the 60s and 70s. As depicted in the film, Zodiac, the unidentified person was one of the first serial killers to garner the attention of media, creating an almost mythos around the deviant.

The Zodiac killer took the lives of at least five Northern Californians and further admitted to the press that he killed an additional 37 victims.

Though his crimes were horrendous and he was never caught, this is not what made Zodiac infamous.

As part of his “game”, the Zodiac Killer would send cryptic messages to the police and press taunting them with details of his murders, motives, and potentially even his identity.

Even now, a majority of these letters have yet to be deciphered.

CARMEL could finally unmask the killer.

The Poetic Supercomputer

University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute professor Keven Knight is an expert in artificial intelligence, cryptography, and code breaking.

Having the ability to test trillions of possible linguistic solutions to find a “key, his creation, CARMEL, is using the writings of the Zodiac killer to break the cipher."

With his expertise, Knight has been spending his past couple of years trying to crack some of the world’s most unbreakable ciphers in history through the power of language processing.

This HISTORY Channel collaboration could break one of the Zodiac’s most impossible ciphers, the Z340.

Through Knight’s research into what and how computers process language, CARMEL has the ability to spit out complex verses on any given topic within a matter of seconds.

Think of CARMEL as the ultimate slam poet, or freestyling rapper, who also thinks like a psychopath.

On CARMEL's web page visitors play with some of the parameters and have the supercomputer create poems just about anything.

Yet, keep in my CARMEL is “expressing itself” from the perspective of a serial killer. Here are some of the examples:

At the age of love, a love deranged,
A beauty from romantic interest,
The thought of love, and love became estranged.
Then the words of love became obsessed.

Surrounded by the troubled, by the thieving,
Confused and bruised and poisoned by the master,
Confused and blinded by the helpless scheming,
Confused and blinded by the dreadful slander…

Existence enters your entire nation.
A twisted mind reveals becoming manic,
An endless modern ending medication,
Another rotten soul becomes dynamic.

Or under pressure on genetic tests.
Surrounded by controlling my depression,
And only human torture never rests,
Or maybe you expect an easy lesson…

Mourning moaning mournful whispers weeping,
Together through the sleepless strangers slumber,
Alone and lonely lovers sleeping thieving,
A helpless dead forgotten former lover.

Well, if CARMEL doesn’t crack the code, it could make a career in writing Emo songs.

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